REVEALED: Exactly How LIBERALS LIED To Us To Get Everything They Want!


Think back, way back, to when you were a little kid. You are sitting at dinner with your family. You’re maybe five years old at the absolute most.

Mom spoons out onto your plate some food that by this point in your life you know for sure you don’t like and will never like. The thought of it hitting your taste buds makes you violently ill.

You pick at it for a little while and you initially refuse to eat it. Your mom looks at you and assures you that you need to eat it because your favorite athlete, cartoon character, television star, or famous person you are presently obsessed with eats it and that’s how they go to where they are. You begrudgingly eat it. It still tastes like rancid hell.

You’ve just been lied to. People have had this same conversation between them and the government for a good long time the past several months.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is supposed to be one of the experts. Conservative Americans who write for the Federalist Papers call him an expert liar.

He freely admits he’s a liar. He does it all the time because it’s for our own good.

After all, Americans aren’t ready to handle the truth. It turns out that the truth is that elderly people can’t be vaccinated first because too many White people will live. Liberal health officials want to use death by Covid to level the racial playing field.

Anthony Fauci admits he is a liar. Masks don’t work. It’s all about obedience, not outbreak control. His exact words were “there’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.” Then he waffled. Oops, “everyone should wear masks.”

He was lying the first time because he was afraid there wouldn’t be enough masks to go around and medical professionals would be left without. Then he got a reminder that the entire medical industry is run by the Deep State. All the other experts backed him to the hilt even when he contradicted himself.

The U.S. mortality rate for Covid-19, according to Johns Hopkins University of Medicine, is 1.7%. That means that 98.3% can’t tell the difference between the Kung Flu and the regular one, experts admit.

According to the CDC, the normal flu mortality rate in 2018 was 1.8%, which is worse than Covid. When Americans started to realize that it’s no more deadly than the normal flu, Fauci and the other health officials scrambled to convince everyone that Covid-19 has to be treated like the Andromeda strain anyway.

In order to get to lasso the magic unicorn of “herd immunity,” Fauci declared, 60 percent of Americans would need to be vaccinated. When he later revised the figure to 90 percent, he admitted he lied because Americans can’t handle the truth.

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