She Found Her Husband In Bed With Another Woman And Totally Made Him Pay….


He is lucky she just used her shoe, a lot of women would have gone for a knife.

It all started when Christine Black walked into her Ormond Beach, Florida, house on Monday, the 46-year-old saw her husband in bed with another woman, and that’s when things get ugly.

After telling her husband, 49-year-old Larry Black, she was “done with him,” Christine threw one of her shoes at him, striking Larry on the left side of his face, according to an incident report.

The report also went on to say that when Deputy Corey Rittenour arrived at the home, Larry claimed that Christine had a problem with depression and was suicidal. Larry also showed Rittenour several injuries he claimed he had obtained from his wife the night before.

According to Opposing Views:

When police arrived at their home, they reportedly found the woman lying in the backyard, cursing loudly, but she told cops she was not planning on killing herself.

“Wouldn’t you be this upset if you came home to this?” Christine reportedly asked police, according to The Daytona Beach News-Journal.

The husband reportedly said the shoe struck him in the left side of the face, but the police report indicates he was not seriously injured.

Black has denied “beating” her husband, but reportedly said she was depressed and wanted a divorce.

Sad to say the cheating husband doesn’t face any consequences, Instead, they arrested Christine and charged them with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. She is being held without bail at the Volusia County Branch Jail.

The husband must have thought she was still at school. Don’t be cheap man, get a hotel to do your dirt.

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