Someone Just Murdered A Pedo Drag Queen, And The One Question Cops Have Is….


A convicted pedophile and drag queen met a mysterious and grisly fate, leaving the community wondering whether this brutal crime was motivated by anti-LGBTQ sentiment or retribution for his past offenses.

Darren Moore, a 39-year-old drag queen who was a convicted pedophile and sex offender, met a gruesome end when his body was found mutilated on a British street after a night out with friends. Notorious in the United Kingdom’s gay scene under the stage name Crystal Couture, Moore’s tragic death has raised questions about the possible involvement of anti-LGBTQ sentiments.

The night of his murder, Moore was dressed in full drag, sporting a large blonde wig, makeup, false breasts, a yellow dress with frilly sleeves, and a matching purse. It’s important to note that Moore had a criminal history, including a conviction for sexually assaulting a minor.

Moore also went by the name CC Quinn while performing on the British drag circuit. His lifeless body was discovered in the early hours in Cardiff city center. Authorities have described the circumstances of his death as “sudden and unexplained” and are urging the public to share any information that might shed light on the case.

The site where Moore’s disfigured body was discovered has been sealed off by police for investigation, and local residents have been leaving flowers as a tribute. Now, members of Cardiff’s LGBTQ community are stepping forward, asserting that Moore’s murder was a hate crime. They are calling on law enforcement to thoroughly investigate the case to prevent other drag queens from becoming victims of such brutality.

It is crucial to remember that Moore, formerly known as Darren Sewell, was convicted of four counts of raping a boy under the age of sixteen in Barry, South Wales when he was a teenager. He served three years in a Young Offenders’ Institution in Great Britain. Consequently, he was prohibited from having contact with children, but he violated this order in 2011 while working as a gymnastics and dance teacher in Cardiff.

He was then sentenced to a three-year sex offender treatment program, which included twenty-four months of supervision, three hundred hours of unpaid volunteer work, and a six-month curfew with electronic monitoring.

Moore gained fame in the British gay community when he represented British Airways at the Pride Festival in Brighton. He was a drag queen on the British Airways float during the festival. Subsequently, he introduced his Crystal Couture persona, advertising his act as suitable “for audiences large and small and of all ages,” and “available for weddings, christenings, birthdays, and celebrations of all types.”

It is worth noting that Moore changed his name upon marrying his long-term partner, who also shared the name, Darren.  Any investigation into his murder must consider both his background and the potential for a hate crime, ensuring that justice is served for all involved.

Source: AWM