Texas Cop Has A DIRE Warning For Biden About The Border!


Texas officer warns that numbers of criminals, drugs and gun possession may increase during the Biden administration. The officer said that it may take full advantage of the current administration’s policies.

Newt Gingrich, 77, Former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives said it best when he said that the Biden administration is thrilled with the invasion happening at America’s southern border.

Everything is going as planned for them. They flood America with illegals and leave the taxpayers holding the tab. Illegal’s is being bussed all over the place and dropped off. And who is the one who pay for these? The tax payers of course, the American people who’s own country is now being invaded by these illegal immigrants.

Do these invaders look like harmless young kids and mothers?

These are actually not poor families seeking asylum from oppression in their native countries. These are young men, with gang tattoos and new boots. This is not legal immigration, this is obviously an invasion. Straight from the horse’s mouth (pun intended). Yet, local news outlets and the US Congress and white house is pretending it is not happening. What kind of terrorism is the left planning for this year?

According to one Texas official, it is only getting worse:

During a segment on Fox News today, Texas public safety officer Christopher Olivarez warned that border crossings are “increasing” and that criminals were “exploiting” Biden’s administration border crisis.

Watch it here: Youtube/GOP War Room

Just ask Tennessee, whose governor declined the illegals, but the feds sent them anyway. Now the citizens of that state will be footing the bill for the illegals.

Watch it here: Youtube/WRCB

This is all happening under the Biden/Obama and this is how they would like to “transform” our country.

Sources: 100 PERCENT FED UP, Fox News