Thanks To Biden, The Baby Formula Shortage Has Returned!


Biden’s inept leadership worsened the shortage of baby formula and mainstream media continues to downplay the crisis.

Retailers nationwide are reporting widespread shortages of baby formula, with some high-profile chains rationing limited supplies and nearly one-third of all formula in the U.S. still not stocked, according to a report.

On Saturday, the Daily Mail reported that the country is still experiencing a sizeable shortage of formula nationwide.

The outlet reported a 30% out-of-stock rate nationwide, citing data from the week ending July 24. That number was higher than in previous weeks, indicating that the shortage may have worsened this month.

In a separate report from ‘InfoWars’:

The nationwide baby formula shortage has worsened with 70 percent of all brands reported out-of-stock, despite President Joe Biden’s efforts to make infant milk more accessible.

Families in Rhode Island and Vermont have been hardest hit by the shortage with out-of-stock rates at 79 percent and 78 percent, respectively.

Biden and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have made it easier for foreign manufacturers to get shipments into the country, and appealed to companies such as Nestle and Reckitt to step up production.

It seems the Biden regime has completely forgotten that we have a worsening shortage of baby formula, and parents across the country are struggling to feed their babies.

In fact, DailyMail cited a few parents who continue to struggle with baby formula:

“Amber Bergeron, who took to Facebook about the hardships of finding formula for her preemie twins, has described the ongoing crisis as ‘disgusting,’ noting she is ‘sure these politicians’ babies eat,” Daily Mail reported.

“Chris Arroyo, whose daughter needs a specialty formula, said he is frustrated that the Administration keeps giving families the vague timeline of ‘upcoming weeks’ when discussing solutions to the ongoing shortage.”

More details of this report from the Daily Mail:

In-stock rates of infant formula remain far below normal levels, despite recent trends showing a rise in formula inventory.

The nation reported a 70 percent out-of-stock rate on Friday, based on data from the week ended July 24. The week prior, ending July 17, the out-of-stock rate was 68.67 percent.

Biden’s solution to the ongoing shortage has been to fly in foreign formula to try to plug the gap, but the 802,446 bottles that arrive per shipment barely line the stomachs of the 3 million babies born every year.

Danone, who has agreed to supply 1.3 million cans of Aptamil to the U.S., shipped out more than 750,000 this week. The initial shipments are already on shelves and online at Walgreens, Safeway and some other retailers.

The additional 550,000 cans that are en route from New Zealand will likely be available in August, the company claims.

Danone also imported more than 500,000 cans of Neocate, a specialized medical baby formula.

The Biden Administration revealed last week that as of July 24, the Operation Fly Formula program has transported the equivalent of 61 million 8-ounce bottles of formula into the U.S.

But Bergeron – like many other parents – fears the efforts aren’t enough.

‘We were put in a position that no mothers should be put in,’ she previously told Fox News. ‘We feel helpless. We feel like, as a community, we are trying to take care of this instead of [the right people] stepping in.

‘People are not paying attention to what’s really going on here and the severity of it, but it’s still happening. It’s like they just forgot.’

The nationwide baby formula shortage has worsened with almost 70 percent of all brands reported out-of-stock, despite President Joe Biden's efforts to make infant milk more accessible

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Sources: WLT, Daily Mail, InfoWars