The Reason Why Her Ex’s Name Is Tattooed On Her Face Will Make You…


A young Brazilian woman was left permanently disfigured after her ex-boyfriend allegedly kidnapped her and had his name tattooed on her face after she left him.

Tayane Caldas, an 18-year-old woman from Sao Paulo was on her way to school last Friday when she was approached by her ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Coelho, who forced her to get into his car. The woman got into the vehicle and was taken to her ex’s home in the municipality of Taubate. There, the 20-year-old Coelho tattooed his name on the right side of the girl’s face.

Coelho reportedly kept Tayane locked up in his home where he physically and verbally abused her while her mother Deborah Velloso panicked that she had disappeared.

Although he doesn’t deny doing the tattoo, Coelho claims that Tayane was more than happy to let him do it.

The following day, Tayane’s mother filed a missing person’s report with the local police and managed to track her down to the Coelho residence. She took her daughter home and encouraged her to press charges against the abusive ex-boyfriend, instead of simply covering up her new face tattoo and several bruises.

“She told me she was screaming for help when he was tying her up,” Velloso said. “She told me, ‘Either I stopped screaming and let him do the tattoo, or he was going to kill me in there.’”

“I am afraid of him,” Tayane told TV Band Vale. “The law these days, everyone knows he doesn’t stay in (jail) for long, and with this whole situation, I’m afraid of him.”

Tayane and Coelho met six years ago and dated for some time. They recently ended their relationship.

After their break up, Tayane’s mother tried to tell Coelho to stop bothering her daughter.

Velloso texted him: “You will be arrested if you don’t stop.”

Coelho responded by telling him that ‘I don’t have to be in prison’ and added that ‘I don’t need to go to prison for anyone’.

Then Velloso replied: “Go live your life and leave us alone.”

Coelho sent an audio message asking her to stop texting him while adding: Nothing you say or stop saying is going to change what I’m going to do, okay? That’s all, a big hug.”

Tayane is now undergoing laser treatment to remove the tattoo on his face, as well as the other two tattoos of his name. She attended the first of a couple dozen visits to a clinic on Wednesday following a show of support from local clinics and influencers after her lawyer revealed her ordeal on social media.

Source: AWM