They Were About To Eat Taco Bell For Dinner, Then They Dropped Dead. What Cops Found Beside Them Were…


The couple, Cameron and Courtney Hulet were lying on their living room floor when a neighbor saw them.

Cameron, 28, and his wife, Courtney, 20, were discovered in their Dundee apartment Tuesday night. Police said they were about to eat their fast food dinner when they suddenly died, according to reports.

The neighbor didn’t think much of it. She heard moans and figured they were asleep. She closed the front door, which the couple had a habit of leaving open, David Uhl, manager of the southeast Michigan village of Dundee, told the local outlet.

“It’s really a puzzle,” Dave, their apartment manager, said. “There is no indication as to what happened. It’s a mystery.”


The couple has two children, but they were in the custody of Children Protective Services at the time of their death, police said in a statement. The pair had moved to Dundee from Newport, Mich. roughly six months ago, cops said.

A neighbor in their triplex found the couple lying on the floor Tuesday morning and initially thought they were passed out, according to police. When the neighbor returned three hours later and discovered them unconscious in the same position, she called the police, Monroe News reported.

Dundee police chief Todd said the couple’s food was untouched and that the marijuana appeared as if it were in the process of being divided up for distribution.


It was a case of murder-suicide, according to authorities. The couple’s remains were discovered in their home by police after receiving reports of a stench and foul odor coming from the property.

There were no signs of violence on either body, suggesting that someone had not broken into the residence and killed them. Police do not think that a third party was involved in the untimely death of the pair since there was no evidence of forced entry.

According to reports, Cameron was a repeat offender. He had a criminal record for marijuana possession plus an additional conviction for assault, suggesting that he could have been a dangerous drug dealer.

The couple’s recent loss of custody of their children may have put a strain on them, which could have contributed to their deaths. They were also dealing with a large number of drugs, which may have exacerbated the situation.

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