This Footage Of Biden’s Coughing Fit Proves He’s Not Fit To Fight!


Even before Biden got installed in the White House earlier this year, his health has always been an issue.

And now it’s getting worse… I mean, just look at the way he coughs now – out of concern, he needs to rest from all this.

The President’s first lady is the number one to be blamed, why? She is a doctor but he tolerated her husband’s physical and mental health which is not fit to his presidential duties. But, it’s all about power… Eventually, she would ignore his husband’s health throughout.

We all witnessed how Joe Biden got his bad dementia that triggers his decision making, what happened in Afghanistan, was Biden’s fault. He was warned by his top generals before the withdrawal but due to his selfish demented thinking, he ignored it and called it quits.

We all witnessed how he struggles to read the teleprompter, which only indicates that he is not fully aware or does not have any idea of what to say during his speeches, and all his lies and false information just indicate how bad his integrity is.

Recently, he is giving his speech that is all about blaming the republicans again for him not fulfilling his duties and his request to congress about the $3.5 trillion spending bill costs ZERO DOLLARS while begging lawmakers to raise the debt ceiling.

What a weak leader, right?

Watch the video here:

“A failure to raise the debt limit will call into question Congress’ willingness to meet the obligations that we’ve already incurred, not new ones,” said Biden.

“I think, quite frankly, it’s hypocritical dangerous and disgraceful. Their obstruction and irresponsibility know absolutely no bounds, especially as we’re clawing our way out of this pandemic,” he added.

Previously, Jen Psaki also tried to defend that Joe’s coughing is not that serious after a pool reporter finally asked about the President’s persistent coughing.

But then, these Dems still don’t think that Biden’s health is not an issue. What a jerk.

It’s just so unfair that we have to go through all this and if this was Trump coughing, it would be COVID automatic.

Source: The Gateway Pundit