This Video of Kids Playing with a Gun is FREAKING People Out — But Wait Till You See What Happens


The old saying goes that it was curiosity that killed the cat. Here’s the funny thing about curiosity, it’s usually fueled by ignorance. An honest ignorance is all that is required to get someone to ask the question then get them to investigate the answer. Enter this cold-water-splash-to-the-face video from Iowa news station KWWL of preschool children playing with a real gun:

But here’s the punch line. It was all a controlled experiment conducted by the Waterloo police. As reported by KWWL, the police put a group of kids in a room with an unloaded gun half-hidden. Moms watched anxiously from an adjoining room. It took approximately 15 seconds for the kids to notice the gun and begin playfully pointing it at each other.

Moms were seriously freaked out –

“Oh! oh my goodness! oh my God!”

“He’s shooting my daughter. He’s pointing it at her.”

“I’m still shaking.”
At first blush you might think this is the perfect soapbox for anti-2nd Amendment zealots. After all, what could be more irresponsible for those uniformed violence-loving bigots, better known as the police? Time to make all guns illegal! Not so fast, Bernie. As The Blaze reported, KWWL forgot to mention a few key details. Not all of the kids were interested. Two of the eight children didn’t participate in the gunplay. Those two happen to grow up in a household of gun owners where they were already taught about guns and the proper usage of them.

The point being is children are naturally curious about new things and they suffer from the ignorance and fear of their parents. Since the parents of the two non-participating children aren’t themselves fearful of guns they understand that, like automobiles, kitchen items and lawn mowers, guns fall into the category of useful tools when properly understood and respected. Those two children were taught these lessons and any curiosity was long since addressed. If they see a gun in real life, they’ll know what to do.

The other parents in this video exposed themselves to their choice to view guns as monstrous and to simply deny their existence. As a result, the parents miscalculated their children’s natural curiosity and the validity of Mom’s self-induced ignorance of guns.

It’s perfectly understandable that these mothers would be so shaken by this experiment but it only goes to prove what really killed the cat is what really can kill the rest of us.

Here is the full video:

KWWL – Eastern Iowa Breaking News, Weather, Closings

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