Transgender Idiot Goes to Trump Rally… Whatch What “SHE” Does to Trump Supporter


Video shot in Portland shows a transgender anti-Trump demonstrator spit in a Trump supporter’s face before asserting, “I’m a tranny, go ahead, punch a woman!”

The footage begins with a Trump supporter explaining how he marched against the Iraq war and how neo-nazis sabotaged the protest, confounding charges that Trump supporters are all “racist” right-wingers.

“We’re not them!” asserts the Trump supporter.

“Your candidate is literally just the guy that Stormfront endorses, whatever,” responds an anti-Trump demonstrator who has his face fully covered with a black hood.

“David Duke endorsed Donald Trump,” adds the transgender person, who is also wearing a scarf that covers half of his face.

“We just established we’re not with them,” responds another Trump supporter.

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