Rolling Thunder XXIV (2013) © Jennifer E. Berry/Weider History Group

Wounded Marine Stood Saluting For HOURS, But Then These Bikers Showed Up…

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The annual Rolling Thunder celebration recently took place in Washington D.C. near the Lincoln Memorial. During the event, thousands of bikers from across America gather to pay tribute to those who have served and fallen for our country.

A traditional element of the celebration is “The Lone Marine” who stands in his dress blues in a precise salute. He stands with white-gloved fingers extends to a slight degree, with his back straight without moving for 3 hours.

The marine stands in the center of the boulevard as a caravan of motorcycles continues to pass slowly on both sides. Many stop to return the salute, some honk in support, and others stop to give the soldier water or whisper words of encouragement.

The videos of this interaction below are truly heartwarming and remind us of those who fought and died to protect America and our values.

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