PATRIOTS Have Just Shown Protesting NBA Players THE DOOR!


One would think that the final game of a championship series would be the type of thing that everyone would want to watch.

However, with the way that sports seasons are going you have to think that there just is something that is keeping people from wanting to stay on that channel.

Or, it could be what the players are doing off the field or before games that is causing even the most ardent fans to say no more.

The NBA Finals on ABC concluded Sunday with Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James winning his fourth championship, but James and the league seem to have paid a heavy price for their embrace of leftist politics.

The Lakers won Game 6 against the Miami Heat to capture the NBA title, but it was the lowest-rated Finals series recorded.

The Wrap reported that the 106-93 blowout of the Heat attracted only 5.6 million viewers, according to early Nielsen data.

The elimination game couldn’t compete with “Sunday Night Football” on NBC, which matched the Minnesota Vikings against the Seattle Seahawks and attracted 11.4 million viewers.

The NBA couldn’t even keep up on Sunday with “60 Minutes” on CBS.

The long-running news program, which has lost significant credibility with many viewers in its own right, bested the Lakers-Heat game by drawing 9.5 million viewers.

The NBA season, since its return following a hiatus from the coronavirus pandemic, has been a complete and utter disaster, as the league rushed to embraced the anti-police Black Lives Matter movement and other leftist causes.

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