Why IS The White House Predicting 100 Million New COVID Cases?


The Biden administration is promoting pandemic panic, but their story has flaws. COV, like “influenza,” is now considered the “new normal” by the FDA.

Because of the potential for 100 million new COVID cases, the White House is seeking $22.5 billion in pandemic relief. Republicans are seeking $10 billion in addition to the $5 billion in international aid. In exchange, they want the Biden administration to retain Title 42 in place.

Here’s what New York Times reported:

The Biden administration is preparing for the possibility that 100 million Americans — roughly 30 percent of the population — will get infected with the coronavirus this fall and winter, according to the administration official, who spoke on condition of anonymity,

The 100 million figure is not as high as the total number of Americans known to have become infected with the highly contagious Omicron variant during the wave in December and January. It is based on a range of outside models, though the official did not specify which ones, and assumes that a rapidly evolving virus in the Omicron family — not a new variant — will spread through a population with waning immunity against infection.

But the FBI says it’s the new normal.

Simultaneously, FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf and other FDA officials published a paper in the medical journal JAMA on Monday stating that, in order to “minimize future societal disruption and save lives,” annual COVID-19 shots will most likely become the “new norm” in the near future, similar to flu shots.

“Society is moving toward a new normal that may well include annual COVID-19 vaccination alongside seasonal influenza vaccination,” they wrote.

There’s a new normal. COVID has become the new normal, and we must accept it. Is it possible that the administration and the media want to keep this going until the November election?

The “new normal” phrase was repeated in the Miami Herald:

A yearly COVID-19 shot may be needed — just as flu shots are recommended each year — as living with the virus becomes the “new normal,” according to Food and Drug Administration officials.

“It will likely circulate globally for the foreseeable future, taking its place alongside other common respiratory viruses such as influenza,” three FDA officials wrote in an article published to the peer-reviewed journal JAMA on May 2.

As a result, “society is moving toward a new normal that may well include annual COVID-19 vaccination alongside seasonal influenza vaccination.”

It’s the new normal. Someone tell Joe. Is he gunning for mail-in balloting and ballot harvesting in November? Hate to sound cynical, but it’s a fair question given who and what these people are.

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