Wife Catches Her Husband Lying In Bed. Then She Finds THIS Right Next To Him…


If you’ve ever gone through a significant surgery before, you know that the drugs that you’re exposed to during the surgery can leave you quite incapable even hours after the surgery is over. During this time, it’s best to get plenty of rest while the medication wears off.

For this husband, post medication drugs had him feeling fearful while recovering in bed. What was he fearful of? That his head would fall off!

Watch hilarity ensue as this husband asks his wife for tape so that if his head falls off he’ll able to tape it back together. It’s both funny and heartwarming to see that although his wife realizes how ridiculous her husband’s request is, she decides to oblige. The wife writes,

“Those must’ve been some drugs to go on a trip like this. Thankfully he had his tape.”

Source: The dentist hit him pretty hard with the drugs by ViralHog on Rumble

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