Woman Spotted in Blizzard With No Pants On – When You See Why…


Well, we can only speculate, but here goes. A woman in West Virginia was videoed in only a white t-shirt out in the second biggest blizzard since 1869 to hit the state. One has to wonder if it is the worst walk of shame ever and if she was running from her clandestine lover’s place back to her own or somewhere else. One also has to wonder if she was drunk or high on something. That’s a great way to get frostbite. She looked like she was looking or waiting for someone and was agitated. I would be too if I was half naked, standing in a blizzard and the freezing cold. She’s either desperate, out of it or an idiot.

From the Daily Mail:

Millions of Americans didn’t even leave their apartments on Saturday during the crippling blizzard.

This woman, however, couldn’t have cared less.

Perhaps oblivious to the blistering cold, or spurred on by a bet, the unidentified brunette was captured on film running through Morgantown, West Virginia, in nothing but a white T-shirt.

No one has identified the woman yet. The video hit Twitter and went viral. Millions hunkered down and stayed indoors, while this woman decided to take a stroll with no pants or shoes in a blizzard. Unbelievable. She was holding a jacket and pumps but did not bother putting on the coat in the cold. Weird. The clip was posted online on Saturday by West Virginia-based Twitter user Chandlar Fowler, who suggested one reason for the woman’s sparse attire. ‘The worst walk of shame the world and Blizzard Jonas has ever seen,’ Fowler wrote. That’s as good a reason as any. Hope she didn’t lose any toes over her adventure.

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