WTF! You’ll Be SICK When You Find Out What This Chick QUIT HER JOB To Do To Her Boyfriend Every TWO HOURS Instead

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When in a relationship it’s your duty to do all that you can to make your partner happy.

If he wants to watch the football, watch it with him. If she wants to go shopping, go with her. If he wants you to quit your job to breastfeed him every two hours, do it.

The latter, as odd as it may seem, is a reality for couple Jennifer Mulford and Brad Leeson.

Jennifer quit her job as a bartender so she could breastfeed her 36-year-old boyfriend.

Credit: Jennifer D. Mulford via Facebook

After reading about the bond and connection breastfeeding can bring to two people in a relationship, Jennifer searched dating sites to try and find a perfect match for an ‘Adult Breastfeeding Relationship’.

Speaking to The Sun, she said: “It was like a light switched flicked in his head. I could tell from his voice that he was curious and excited,’ she said, before opening up about the first time the pair tried it.

“At that moment I knew that I had a partner for life, we both wanted the same thing out of the relationship – a magical bond that only breastfeeding can achieve.

“I’ve taken a break from my job because I want to devote everything to making this work.”

After searching various sites and talking to men online, Jennifer was unable to locate a suitable mate. However, once she started speaking to her old flame Brad, she stumbled onto a winner.

Credit: Jennifer D. Mulford via Facebook

“We were talking and Brad told me he had a thing for big-breasted women, and that size had always been a factor in his relationships.

“I thought it was the perfect time to bring up adult breastfeeding – and see if he’d be interested,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer has to ‘dry’ breastfeed Brad every two hours to induce lactation and fool her body into thinking she has had a baby.

The couple, from Atlanta, don’t do it in public, as they say it’s a very private aspect of their relationship.

Despite this, weirdly, they have spoken publicly about it. The story has received some backlash, with people claiming it’s sexualising breastfeeding.

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