What the Heck is this Thing in the Sky? (And Has it Really Been There 13,000 Years?)

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It’s not a bird. It’s not a plane. According to some, it’s an alien object that’s monitoring Earth. Does the Black Knight satellite actually exist?

The Theory

They say so-called Black Knight satellite was spotted by NASA astronauts in 1998. Conspiracy theorists believe this object has been hovering near the moon for up to 13,000 years.


The History

According to the theory, the first sighting of the Black Knight satellite has been traced to 1899, when electricity pioneer Nikola Tesla heard radio waves in space. Similar signals were recorded in Norway in 1928.

The Proof?

Media reports appeared in 1954 and 1960 that cited claims from U.S. military personnel who said they said they saw the mystery satellite.

The Official Denial

These reports are not official, of course. NASA and military experts deny the existence of the alien satellite and say it’s nothing more than a myth.

The Official Story

Pictures from the 1998 sighting have been used by conspiracy theorists for years to prove that the satellite does, in fact, exist. NASA says this is not an alien satellite, or any sort of satellite. It’s a thermal blanket lost by one of the work crews on the International Space Station.

The Truth?

As for Tesla, he probably did pick up signals from space. They’re called pulsars, a phenomenon we officially discovered in the 1960s. The Norway scientists who caught strange signals in the 1920s were probably picking up sounds from the atmosphere, skeptics say. Believers know that this is exactly what it appears to be: an alien satellite, monitoring us from afar.

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