ABC Forces “Last Man Standing” To Lessen Anti-Obama Jokes, But Then Tim Allen Does THIS


ABC’s “Last Man Standing” is known for its fantastic Conservative jokes and for its star, Tim Allen. On the show, Allen plays Mike Baxter, a conservative who hates Barack Obama and other liberals.

Usually, Allen fires off joke after joke with no rebuttal. However, ABC has become sensitive to the over-the-top Obama abuse that the show has come to accept. Unfortunately, they have started sticking their heads in the show, to even out the field.

In its most recent episode, Allen launched yet another attack on Obama. “I had a four-year plan with Obama. It’s turned into an eight-year nightmare.”

However, in response, his son-in-law was forced to take Obama’s side, saying, “My nightmare is being buried alive, and yours is eight years of prosperity?” That must have been painful sticking that in the script. Do you think “Last Man Standing” should be able to be as conservative as they wish?

0 thoughts on “ABC Forces “Last Man Standing” To Lessen Anti-Obama Jokes, But Then Tim Allen Does THIS

  1. Never back down Tim. I support you, Obama is the worse thing to happen to this country and the only thing that can be worse is if Hitlery becomes the President

  2. Fuck yes they should be able to say whatever they want on Last Man Standing!! Here’s a bigger question, since when did society become big pussies? I mean come one since when do adults let words offend them sounds like a bunch of fucking hypocrite pussy babies that need their mothers tits to feel all cozy and safe! Its a fucking show get over it and its words.. when is the last time you heard of someone being killed with words, without committing suicide? Don’t worry I will wait!!

  3. Yes, leave the jokes in!! Why do you think people watch the show? They love the jokes! BUTT OUT ABC!!!!

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