Charlie Daniels’ Latest 13-Word Tweet Is Making ‘Safe Space’ College Liberals Go Bat SH*T Crazy

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Charlie Daniels is making liberal college whiners’ heads explode with this Tweet. Was this too ‘mean’ or do you think it’s exactly what college students need to hear?

Daniels didn’t indicate what may have led him to post such a message — although just a minute prior he sent a tweet about free speech and dissenting opinions:

Regardless, folks jumped on his cotton-picking post and accused the famous fiddler of racism.

“Hey racist, picking cotton was typically not a paid position,” one reply read.

“[Y]our generation is the reason we are in trouble now,” another said. “Shut up & die already so we can actually have some quiet to fix this.”

“White people have NO history of manually picking cotton in the USA so I feel like he’s being racist,” another responder commented.

0 thoughts on “Charlie Daniels’ Latest 13-Word Tweet Is Making ‘Safe Space’ College Liberals Go Bat SH*T Crazy

  1. In other words if you want to scream racism then go do what the real people who dealt with racism endured. Long hours picking cotton and if you condemn someone for exercising their right at free speach then condemn yourself. What pantywaisted sissies.. And you are in college?

  2. Who’s the stupid idiot that said white people have no history of picking cotton?? I went to the fields as a child with my family and we picked cotton. Me not so much because I was only 5 but all the rest of my family did and had every year. We picked side by side with the Mexicans and the blacks and was proud to be able to make the money. Stop listening to these people who don’t know the truth, search it out for your selves. Bring yourself down here to south Arkansas or North Louisiana and visit some old people, black, white and Hispanic, ask some questions and find the truth. Not New Orleans, cotton was shipped from there, not grown. Come to the Delta, come work with us one day in the hot sun before you run your mouth about something you know nothing about! I want this reporters name.

  3. My father (white) picked cotton as a young man in Arkansas. My cousins (white) picked cotton in California. Am awfully sick of folks screaming “racist” about almost anything.

  4. College people are amazing.
    I see how you associate cotton picking to slavery, ingenious. White people never picked cotton in your indoctrination texts.
    Then baseball, basketball, football were created by white people and should be only for white people, right? Hockey’s been ok keeping non whites from infiltrating, thus far.
    Or we can all get along with love mixing all of our beautiful colors into a beautiful mural.
    Unfortunately the student who opened their pie hole labeled their fellow human being. Remember, when you’re dead, this conveyance, the black, white or whatever you
    identified with, stays here to rot.

  5. You tell it like it is Charlie! These coddled entitlement students don’t know JACK. What the heck do they teach in these schools? Ask them a history question and they can not answer it….ask then the names of the Kardashains and they can name every sorry one.

  6. My Grandparent and my parents grow and picked cotton for years they were farmers and yes they are white I have never seen a black pick cotton so I agree a year would be good. Yes I too tried it it is hard work and cuts your finger to shreds if not done correctly. It was a way of life in the south.

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