Charlotte RIOTERS Commit VICIOUS Attack On Army Veteran -VIDEO

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Somehow, this never even made my radar. Everyone should know about this. David Palmer is an Army veteran who works at a bar in Charlotte to earn money to go to school. During the riots, he had dinner with his sister and started to walk home. Ten men who were Black Lives Matter activists were hiding behind a construction site as he neared the Epicentre parking deck. They jumped out and viciously beat David. These are the same guys that were beating on others and looting there.

While breaking bones and practically killing Palmer, they videoed the event to post on social media. As they kicked and beat David, they yelled, “You’re in the danger zone white boy!” That’s a stone cold hate crime. They could have easily killed Palmer, but his survival instinct kicked in and he got out of there.


From Popular Military:

According to Palmer’s sister, Ashley, he had been out of the Army for less than a year and was working at a bar to make money before starting school in the spring.

Palmer was walking down 4th st -near the Epicentre parking deck- after leaving dinner at the Blackfinn with his sister, at around 8:45 p.m when the attack occurred. His sister parted ways with him after dinner but reports the men ambushed Palmer from a concealed position behind a construction site.

As the began to beat him they reportedly shouted, “You’re in the danger zone white boy.”

David Palmer served his country for seven years in the Army. He was deployed at least once to Afghanistan where he earned a Combat Infantryman Badge. He fought Islamic terrorists there only to come home to terrorists in the US. He never saw it coming and it is a wonder it did not cost him his life. Not only did they steal his phone during the attack, his injuries were severe.

“He has been to 3 different doctors and will be undergoing surgery on Monday. He has a fractured eye socket and multiple broken bones in his face. The specialists told us to imagine dropping a dinner plate from above your head…’ that’s what the inside of your face looks like right now,’” his sister said. How it must break her heart to see her little brother like this and how it must anger her. I know it would me.

There is a GoFundMe page where you can donate to help David out. He’ll need it to get through all of this and to pay his medical bills. Palmer is now out of work, but he still wants to go to school. This is the gift he received in Obama’s America. Racial hatred and violence are now the norm thanks to groups such as Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam.


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