He Was Caught Trying To Bring A STRAW On An Airplane, And They Arrested Him On The Spot…


An unsuspecting traveler’s thirst-quenching plans turned sinister as he was caught trying to sneak a concealed weapon disguised as an everyday item through airport security.

On an unremarkable April day in 2023, a seemingly ordinary traveler at Boston’s Logan International Airport found himself in a bizarre situation when he was apprehended for attempting to smuggle a titanium “vampire” straw through TSA security.

The 26-year-old had cleverly concealed the dangerous implement within a pouch in his backpack. However, vigilant Transportation Security Administration officers discovered the hidden straw and promptly alerted security. Eventually, the young man was arrested for trying to sneak a deadly weapon onto an airplane at the Boston airport.

The astute traveler had evidently been aware of the straw’s potential danger and had craftily hidden it among other, innocuous straws to make it appear less threatening. However, TSA agents managed to unravel his cunning scheme, preventing him from carrying the perilous vampire straw on board and potentially using it as a weapon.

In a statement on April 25, 2023, two days after the security incident, Transportation Security Administration’s Dan Velez revealed that the passenger had skillfully camouflaged the Vampire straw among other straws. Velez took to Twitter on April 24, 2023, to remind the public that “vampire” straws, like the one found in the man’s backpack, are strictly prohibited in carry-on bags.

Velez’s tweet read, “This is a Vampire straw. These items are not allowed in passenger carry-on bags. A passenger found that out yesterday @BostonLogan when @MassStatePolice confiscated the item and eventually arrested the 26-year-old man on a state charge.”

Upon interrogation, the suspect admitted to purchasing the straw from a company named Szaboinc. The company’s online advertisements emphasize the dual purpose of the vampire straw: it can be used for sipping liquids or as a weapon to attack people or animals. The police reported that the titanium straw had been sharpened to the point that it could easily puncture most synthetic materials.

Szaboinc boldly asserts that the vampire straw is a weapon one would use daily, even suggesting that it could be concealed within a cup without arousing suspicion from authorities. Unfortunately for the 26-year-old, his attempt to sneak the straw through Logan International Airport’s security checkpoint caught the attention of TSA agents. Though it remains unclear whether he intended to attack anyone, the authorities managed to avert any potential harm.

Massachusetts State Police reported that the suspect posted bail and was released from custody. He is due to appear in court for his arraignment in the upcoming days and may face charges for attempting to smuggle a weapon through an international airport’s security checkpoint.

Source: AWM