ILLEGAL ALIENS Are Getting Basic Essential Before YOUR KIDS!


The Biden administration is bustling thousands of illegal migrants overrunning the southern U.S. Border to the house. The White House is approving $86 million for hotel rooms, is the San Diego Convention Center.

Unaccompanied migrant girls is now staying at San Diego facility and hundreds of migrants have been released within the U.S. without being tested for COVID-19, the girls have been tested and at least 82 of the more than 700 transferred to the center have tested positive, citing the Department of Health and Human Services. Fox News reported.

On Tuesday, BizPac Review reported about the clear double standard at play, with San Diego providing the girls with in-person schooling at the center, even though local children are still not back in school. This news adds insult to injury, as the same standards applied to American citizens are not being applied to the migrants.

Th records show that 59 migrant girls had already tested positive, and another 23 girls tested positive at the facility upon arriving at the convention center, according to Fox News. The center will reportedly continue testing every three days and is housing those who have COVID-19 in a separate area. Staff from Rady’s Children’s Hospital are on-site and treating the girls.

This case rate is higher in the center than in San Diego County, which has reportedly had roughly 1,800 new cases out of an estimated population of more than 3 million in the past week, the network said. This amounts to a .0018% infection rate for residents, compared to a rate of about 9% within the convention center.

According to Scott Davison, who is suing California to try and force a quicker school reopening, told Fox News the rate at the center exceeds the state’s own guidelines.

Source: Right Wing