The Library REFUSED To Let Them Put Up A Christmas Tree, And The Backlash Is Absolutely…


A Massachusetts library has sparked an uproar after it refused to put up its annual Christmas tree because it made some people uncomfortable.

Dedham Public Library has also avoided posting advertisements for Christmas activities on social media accounts this year, referring only to “the spirit of giving”.

Some called the move a “war on Christmas” which seemed particularly unfair as the library is known to celebrate other special events, such as Pride Week and June 19. The Board Library will meet to further discuss whether to put up a tree on December 13.

Dedham Public Library officials refused to put up their annual Christmas tree because it made some people uncomfortable.

With this, many locals were outraged and said they had not received an exact explanation as to why the tree had been crossed off.

It is unclear how many complaints the library has received from people claiming to be offended by the traditional Christmas tree. But many outraged locals have since hit back at the decision and said it was particularly disappointing for children visiting the library during the holiday season.

Library manager Lisa Desmond was outraged when told the Christmas tree would not be erected this year.

“I have never posted a negative message on Facebook. That is until now,” Desmond wrote. “I learned today that my beautiful library will not have its Christmas tree this year. Zero explanation. When I asked I was told ‘people’ were uncomfortable last year watching it. I’m sorry WHAT? In my 28 years at the Dedham Public Library I I’ve never heard of a negative comment.”

Desmond explained that library officials have worked hard to make people from all walks of life feel comfortable while at the library.

“We celebrated and included everyone in our community. In fact, I was asked to host Juneteenth this year. What an honor. Those who know me and my family know that we celebrate Christmas Hanukkah. My Muslim friends and my West Indian friends invite me to their parties. What an amazing gift.”

Desmond attached a photo of his son hanging an ornament on the tree last year.

“Those who know me know that I lead with positive intentions. I’m not feeling very positive today. Please bring Christmas back to my beautiful library. And always lead with love in your heart.”

The library has also halted annual Christmas activities that appeared to be active last December – such as ‘Holiday Movie Mornings’, ‘Holiday Happenings: Crafts for Kids’, and ‘Holly Jolly Storytime’.

Source: AWM