The Reason They All Died At A Sandals Resort Has Been Revealed!


Earlier this month, three American tourists were found dead inside two villas at a luxury Sandals resort in the Bahamas, the reason for their sudden death was unknown until now.

According to local news reports, carbon monoxide poisoning was determined to be the cause of death for three Americans.

The bodies of Michael Phillips, 68, and Robbie Phillips, 65, a married couple from Tennessee, and 64-year-old Vincent Chiarella, from Florida, were all found dead earlier this month at the Sandals Emerald Bay resort on Exuma.

The Phillips, owners of a travel agency based in Maryville, were discovered inside one villa on the property while Chiarella was found unresponsive in another villa nearby.

Donnis Chiarella, 65, the lone survivor, was also found suffering symptoms and flown to HCA Florida Kendall Hospital in Miami. She has since been discharged.

The incident remained a mystery for weeks, but according to autopsy and toxicology reports obtained by the Nassau Guardian, the group was poisoned by carbon monoxide.

More details of this tragic incident from CBS News:

A Sandals Resort in the Bahamas has announced it will install carbon monoxide detectors in all of its rooms after three American tourists died from an unexplained illness, which it called an “isolated incident.” The official toxicology report and autopsies have yet to be released, but local media in the Bahamas have reported that all three died from carbon monoxide poisoning, CBS Miami reports.

The three Americans died at the Sandals Emerald Bay resort in Exuma in May. One other tourist fell ill, but has begun to recover after being airlifted to a hospital.

“Despite initial speculation, Bahamian authorities have concluded the cause was an isolated incident in one standalone structure that housed two individual guest rooms and was in no way linked to the resort’s air conditioning system, food and beverage service, landscaping services or foul play,” Sandals Resort said in a statement Friday. “Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our guests and team members is and will always be paramount. It is for this reason that we have taken additional measures such as engaging environmental safety experts for a comprehensive review of all systems across the resort.”

The families of the dead tourists demanded a second, independent autopsy in addition to the one by a Bahamian pathologist, the country’s Minister of Health and Wellness.

None of the deceased showed any trauma, but showed signs of convulsions, the Royal Bahamian Police said. Foul play isn’t suspected.

Sources: WayneDupree, CBS News