This Couple Went Missing In Mexico, Where They Were Found Is Absolutely Horrible…


In a dark twist of fate, a once joyous story of a couple enjoying their golden years has turned into a chilling crime tale. Ian Hirschsohn, 78, and Kathy Harvey, 73, had long embraced the excitement of their retirement, embarking on numerous adventures together. This time, their journey led them to Mexico, where Ian had been leasing a home for twenty-five years. Located near El Socorrito, the couple was familiar with the area, and their friends and family thought nothing of their latest excursion. Little did they know, this trip would be their last.

Growing concern spread among loved ones when the pair suddenly ceased all communication. Fearful for their safety, they reported Ian and Kathy as missing. On September 2, 2020, Chip Setzer took to Twitter, pleading with the United States Embassy in Mexico for help: “My father-in-law Ian Hirschsohn and his girlfriend, Kathy Harvey, are missing in Baja… Please help. He’s driving a mid-90s Dark Green Toyota Land Cruiser.”

Both Ian and Kathy had faced their share of hardships in the past. Ian’s children had lost their biological mother years earlier, and it was through this shared grief that Ian and Kathy found solace in one another.

As the news of the couple’s disappearance spread, Mexican authorities promptly arrived at the ransacked home. The grim scene suggested that a burglar had invaded their sanctuary, leading to a catastrophic turn of events. A thorough search of the property led the authorities to a horrifying discovery: Ian and Kathy’s lifeless bodies lay at the bottom of a well.

The tragic news devastated Kathy’s son, who had recently spoken to PEOPLE magazine about his mother’s zest for life. He shared how she reveled in her retirement, pursuing her passions for walking and traveling. With a bucket list full of destinations, Kathy had planned to explore the world alongside Ian.

Although the authorities managed to apprehend a suspect, they have remained tight-lipped about the case’s details. However, one thing is certain: the couple fell victim to foul play, as both their bodies were found in the depths of the well.

In a heart-wrenching tweet on September 9, an individual revealed the harrowing truth:The bodies of a retired CA couple who vanished in Mexico last month have been found at the bottom of a well. Hirschsohn, a former aerospace engineer & Princeton grad, and Harvey, who had worked as a physical therapist, were supposed to return to California three days later…”

Chip, who had initially raised the alarm, posted an update on September 2: “Still no sign from Dad or Kathy. Filed missing people reports with @SanDiegoPD @ConsuladoUSATJ and no confirmation that he has come across the border at all. Ian takes a suite of medications for a 78-year-old man, so each day, this gets worse.”

On September 8, Chip’s worst fears were confirmed: “Update – it’s being reported that my father-in-law Ian and his girlfriend Kathy have been located. This didn’t end well.” In a somber note, he urged everyone to cherish their loved ones: “Hug your loved ones today; you just never know.”

In a tragic turn of events, the once carefree retirement of Ian and Kathy turned into a harrowing crime story. Their love of adventure and passion for life ended abruptly, leaving their family and friends to mourn the loss of these vibrant souls.

Source: AWM