This Is Why You’ll Rarely Find Room 420 In A Hotel


So another 420 has been and gone where stoners the world over got high just like any other day except this time they felt the need to share it on social media.

That’s absolutely fine, I’ve got no issue with that whatsoever except when it manifests itself into vandalism. God damn vandalism. God. Damn. Vandalism.

OK, again, I’m not that arsed but apparently stoners have been stealing so many 420 signs in hotels that they’ve decided to do away with that room number altogether.

According to, hotels have been known to change room 420 to room 419+1 in a bid to avoid the links with marijuana. And that’s because stoners have been known to hot-box these rooms or just steal the numbers off the door.

One hotel in Colorado, where it is legal to smoke weed, has decided to stencil ‘420’ onto the door so they don’t have to continually replace it when it’s stolen.

Some hotels just skip 420 and simply go from 419 to 421.

Bloody vandalism.

Anyway, hotels also avoid having a room or floor 13 and often just use it as an out-of-bounds technical office. Also, room 217 at the hotel they filmed The Shining has become a tourist spot even though in the film it’s 237. That’s because Stanley Kubrick didn’t want the hotel to lose out on guests through fear of staying in that room.



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