What’s The REAL Reason Pfizer People Are Now Working For Facebook?


This week, a new report reveal that Facebook’s audit director and marketing leads are former Pfizer directors in what seems to be a conflict of interest considering the company’s actions to censor messages during the pandemic.

This is probably the reason why Facebook has embraced an aggressive censorship protocol targeting critics of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines” because its executive board is packed with Big Pharma plants.

The social media giant has been deleting individuals’ posts that talked about the adverse effects or challenged the efficiency of COVID-19 vaccines.

Facebook’s aggressive stance on COVID-19 injections makes some sense now, they have been censoring or worst banning users who posted clear evidence of side effects from these experimental shots.

For instance, Facebook’s Internal Audit Director was previously a Senior Director at Pfizer. Tiffany Stokes, the employee, has held a crucial role at Facebook since January 2020.

“Build and own strong relationships with critical business partners, provide project oversight of operational audits, manage internal audit plan and risk assessment,” she lists as part of her job description on her LinkedIn profile.

“Leadership requires close collaboration with the Sales, Partnerships, Global Operations, International, HR, and Legal teams to assess and prioritize risks across an ever-changing high-tech business landscape,” she adds.

Stokes spent five years as the Senior Director of Finance and Legal Operations of COVID-19 vaccine producer Pfizer before joining Facebook.

“Established and managed legal, budgeting, and forecasting processes to achieve the business’s financial goals as well as cost control commitments made to shareholders and the financial and investment community,” she summarized her position.

More details of this report from The National Pulse:

The National Pulse can also reveal that a Facebook Vice President for Global Clients and Categories was formerly Pfizer’s Chief Marketing Officer for consumer healthcare in the U.S. The employee, Brian Groves, worked at Pfizer for a total of 14 years before joining Facebook as a Director of its Global Accounts.

Similarly, a former Director for Digital Marketing and Innovation at Pfizer joined Facebook as a Client Partner for its Global Marketing Solutions branch in 2018.

In addition to Facebook hiring Pfizer marketing team alumni, the platform also added Pfizer’s former Senior Public Affairs and Corporate Communications Project Manager as its own Corporate Communications Manager in 2019.

No wonder why Facebook operates as the ‘Ministry of Truth’ for Pfizer and demonizes anyone critical of its products.

Natural News dropped some details:

Facebook and really the entirety of the social media gamut all seem to have ties not only to Big Pharma but also to left-wing politics and even the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which was caught bankrolling efforts to “debunk” all criticisms of the plandemic injections as “disinformation.”

“The Pfizer executives along with investors Fauci, Bill Gates (who made $32 billion off vaccine investments) and many politicians belong in prison,” wrote a commenter at Natural News. “At the very least.”

Another questioned how anyone could fall for the covid injection ruse, regardless of all the “fac- checking” and other shenanigans. Do people really still trust the government, the pharmaceutical industry, and the tech giants to look out for their best interests?

“How a parent can STILL be that clueless to let their young ones be ‘vaccinated’ is beyond me!” this person wrote.

“What was it that that comedian once said? You can’t fix stupid? Do people do any reading on their own or do they just believe everything the media ‘reports’ to them? How parents can take such joy in having kids yet be wide open to having these same kids damaged for good or worse is a sad paradox.”

The discovered human links between Pfizer and Facebook come after the social media site used third-party “fact-checkers” with significant connections to Democratic politics and the Chinese Communist Party to label COVID-19 studies and articles as “disinformation.”

Sources: WLT, The National Pulse, Natural News