Biden Is Forcing Refugees To Stand Waist Deep In Raw Sewage!


The situation in Kabul just keeps getting worse as the Aug 31 deadline is fast approaching – All thanks to Buck Biden.

US joins UK and Australia in warning against travel to Kabul airport, citing “security threats outside the gates”.

The US warning adds that US citizens who are currently at the Abbey, East, or North gates “should leave immediately”.

This advice follows similar warnings from the UK and Australian governments within the last few hours.

The UK and Australian warnings cite “ongoing and high” threats of terrorist attacks, however; the US warning also asks that Americans currently outside the airport leave.

Meanwhile, at the Airport, Afghans outside Kabul airport are waving their papers begging to be let in while sunk knee-deep in sewage.

Watch the video posted by Ian Pannell on Twitter:

Things are getting worse. I hope the evacuation will continue and be rushed.

On the other news, Poland, Czech Republic, and Belgium have each ended their evacuations from Afghanistan, but other European nations vowed Wednesday to press on for as long as possible.

What is possible, however, depends largely on the US.

European nations, including American allies Germany and the United Kingdom, had pressed for a longer window to continue evacuations. However, Biden has stuck to the August date, even after an emergency online summit of the Group of Seven nations.

That left European nations with no choice but to abide by the deadline. That is heartbreaking.

“That the overall deployment literally stands and falls with the stance of the militarily strongest member of the alliance, the US, was always clear to us,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a speech to parliament on Wednesday.

“We will continue the evacuation operation for as long as possible,” she added, without specifying when operations would end.

For now, the US military coordinates all air traffic in and out of the Kabul airport. Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen tweeted that “people with legal documents” will be able to fly out of Kabul airport via commercial flights after the August deadline.

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