KARMA Slammed One Burglar’s Chances Of Success Completely SHUT!


You have to think that there is some level of cosmic retribution for everyone even if they don’t get hit with it immediately after the fact.

There are some people out there that do wrong to others that you think will never get what is coming to them but remember one simple thing…

OJ Simpson was found not guilty of murder but ended up having to spend years in prison for something else. It all comes back around.

A 32-year-old Florida man was killed when deputies say he was trying to break into a home in Lehigh Acres and the window he was climbing through closed on him, leaving him pinned and suspended hanging from the window.

According to Lee County Sheriff Public Information Officer, Lieutenant Russell Park, who posted a video on Facebook about the incident:

Jonathan Hernandez attempted to break into a home by climbing through a window at a residence on 46th Street Southwest. While Hernandez was trying to work his way through the window it unexpectedly closed on top of him pinning him and keeping him suspended in air. When deputies arrived, they found Hernandez deceased.

The News-Press reported that the property manager where Hernandez was killed shared a photo with them showing “a person caught in a window with a green frame about 5.5 feet off the ground. The window is closed on his neck and the man’s right arm hangs at his side, his body limp.”

According to Park, Hernandez is a convicted felon and “no stranger to law enforcement. In fact, in 2014, he was arrested for his involvement in a murder case.”

One commenter on the Lee County Sherriff’s Office says her brother was the one Hernandez was accused of being involved in killing, but Hernandez “beat the charges.”

Missy Plummer wrote, “I hope he has found peace with God. I don’t wish death on ANYONE. He was one of the 4 men arrested in my brother’s death and had the audacity to look at me and laugh as he left the witness stand. My baby brother. My best friend. You would think he would’ve chosen a better lifestyle whet he beat the charges.”

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